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I love Camden and I love music, so I was pretty ecstatic to be heading to The Roundhouse for this year’s Voxburner Youth Marketing Strategy event. The last time I visited said venue was to see Faith No More and I was amazed at how well it stacked up for a conference. I thought we might be skidding about on a beer covered floor but it was all pretty swish. There was a packed agenda & lots of content, so I just wanted to round up some of my highlights over the two days.  

In no particular order:

Sport England and Youth Sight: “Competing for hearts and minds”


This was a look into he segmentation work on 16 – 24 years  age group and their attitudes to sport, which helped the inspirational #Thisgirlcan campaign from Sport England. I have a penchant for a good bit of segmentation and this felt like it had real depth. Great delivery from Josephine Hansom of Youthsight and Carol Fraser at Sport England.

Social Chain: “The kids who decide what all the other kids talk about”

Having had stratospheric growth in the last year, it was a confident presentation from Social Chain. Steve Bartlett backed by Social Chain team members demonstrated the power of influencer marketing through their recent Rex Secco spoof that trended globally. Always an inspiration to hear what these “kids” are up to.  

InSites Consulting: “Who’s up NXT?”


Thankfully proving that you don’t have to be GenY/Z to be cool, Joeri Van Der Bergh of InSites Consulting delivered a really engaging talk that was packed with stats and mini case studies. He’s the author of a book “How cool brands stay hot” which I will certainly be checking out after hearing him talk.

Music Panel: “Why music continues to inspire generation after generation of young people”

There was a panel discussion from a group of people active in the music business such as Big Fish Partnerships, Solo Music Agency, Shazam and Dummy. The discussion was on the pitfalls and considerations of tie-ins between artists and brands. It was informative throughout but the best question came at the end when they were asked their favourite gigs. From classics like The Sex Pistols and Smiths through to the  modern like Skepta, it was clear they had all clocked up some amazing live performances.

SMRS university marketing stream

It was great to see far more attendees from universities this year and this was reflected in the size of the specific university marketing stream curated by SMRS. The afternoon session featured a student panel, presentation on best use of data, research from Student Hut and a university marketing panel. There were lots of questions, note taking and nodding, so I’m sure everyone else found it as useful as I did.

That was just a tiny snapshot of the speakers and sessions. Well done to the Voxburner team for putting on the conference and I am sure 2017 will up the ante even more.

Hopefully see you there…