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I am delighted to have delivered The 2016 Student Options report on behalf of The Student Room. It was a large, cross-sectional survey which contained five logical paths based on academic year or decision status. For some of the respondents who were studying at university there were up to 35 questions. I was impressed by the loyalty and engagement TSR users have as there was a very good completion rate despite the length of the survey.  The survey asked around 20 demographic and lifestyle questions as well as questions on future study and pathways. With over 8,000 valid responses , 99 questions plus comparisons needed to be made to previous survey results, it was a massive undertaking but hugely enjoyable to be part of.

The current report provides the highlights of the some of main findings. You can down load the PDF from TSR Matters here: http://tsrmatters.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/TheStudentRoom_Options2016_TSRMatters-2.pdf

The Student Room will be releasing further insight from the results over the coming months so please watch this space!