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Make marketing add-up: A complete list of common Marketing Calculations

Marketing is increasing data led and accountable, moving away from the "spray & pray" type campaigns of old. In digital marketing and e-commerce, all activity from promotion to purchase can be tracked and measured. Marketers need to apply useful calculations to this data, to understand the success and value of marketing activity. 

Several marketing calculations should be applied to gain better insight. As with all measurements, they become more powerful as metrics when applied consistently and regularly. The gains and declines across weeks, month and years point to the effectiveness of tactics and strategy. 

Another important consideration is to benchmark measurements with similar businesses or services. Sometimes, this can be achieved within systems such as Google Analytics, more commonly it will require secondary research. Sites like smartinsights and e-consultancy provide annual marketing benchmarks for different industries. 

List of the most common marketing calculations

Below you can find a list of marketing calculations including their use and general benchmarks. If you are new to marketing analytics or run an SMB and want to diagnose your marketing effort, you should find the list covers most of your needs. 

Recommended: The list in Excel with calculations pre-formatted here
Also available: The list as a PDF here

Note: Every effort has been made to provide accurate information, however, one or two mistakes could have slipped through.