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When creating text adverts in Google AdWords, I find it useful to plan and test out the wording in Excel first. This provides the opportunity to check word length, relevance to landing page and Ad Group groupings. This can then later be copied and pasted straight into Google AdWords. I have made this text ad builder tool available in case others find it useful too.

Basic overview of Text Ad campaign

Step 1: 

Use Answer the Public, BuzzSumo, Google Keyword Planner, auto search and Google Trends to identify keywords. Group similar keywords together as an ad group based on the landing page.

Step 2: 

Use the Text Ad Builder to work out different advert styles based on your ad groups 

Step 3: 

Set up your campaign and ad groups, copying and pasting Title Case wording from Text Ad Builder

Step 4: 

Check the potential quality score in Google Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool within AdWords. make tweaks as necessary.

Step 5: 

Make the adverts live based on your target and bidding strategies.

Here Text Ad Builder is available as MS Excel 2016 file here

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