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The product range:

Digital Health Check

Report on traffic, demographic, top referring domains, top keyword searches and social strength

Click here to view a sample.

£75 plus VAT 

Competitor Report 

Identify 5 digital competitors and compare web, applicant, student review and sentiment performance  

Click here to view a sample. 

£350 plus VAT

Hypothesis Test 

Pose a question to a pre-applicant audience. This includes survey design, sending to a small sample, analysis and short report output. This is a short tactical solution to provide answers for meetings or to steer commissioned research. 

£850 plus VAT

Excel Support 

Ever find yourself spending lots of time on spreadsheets that could be better spent elsewhere? We can sort, merge, analyse Excel files on your behalf to save you time.   

Various - please enquire for quote.

PDF to Excel 

Have you gathered research sources and need to extract the details from PDFs into Excel? Don't waste time trying to complete yourself, this can be outsourced at reasonable rates saving you time and money in the long run. 

£50 plus VAT (per document) 

Presentation Writing 

Presentations written in white-label format or in your branding. For a more dramatic impact, a website can be created using Squarespace to bring an idea or subject to life. 

£450 plus VAT for Powerpoint or Prezi 

£600 plus VAT for website 

These products are offered as off-the-shelf solutions which cannot be customised. If you'd like bespoke activity, we'd be happy to oblige however rates will be based on consultancy charges.